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Steam-Gun (Maker version)

In this version, you are assumed to be a maker with technical knowledge. So we designed a special "low cost package" for makers to enjoy and modify our product.

Inside the package:

The transport cost of products containing lithium batteries are very high.  In order to save the cost of transportation, the "maker version" package includes the necessary parts only. 

Package including.png

* Makers have to install the Lithium batteries *

Step 1: 
Install lithium polymer battery

battery Guide.png

Step 2: 


Step 3:
3D print (Optional)

The gun body is included in the package. For better feeling, you are suggested to make the gun-tail yourself. You could simply download the STL files for 3D-printing, and modify them as you like.
Download the STL file and 3D-print.
Download link

You are encouraged to modify your own style. And even sell it out if you want.

Setting up

Special motion set

mouse setting.png

Remind to set the mouse sensitivity to match with Steam-Gun
(below are the example of Star Wars battlefront 2)

Let's play

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