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world's 1st
motion sensing FPS controller for STEAM DECK


Redefine how you play FPS games with STEAM DECK


OVERWATCH 2 gameplay

Counter Strike 2 gameplay

Motion sensing system

Stand up. Move. Enjoy more

STEAM-GUN has built-in gyroscopes and accelerators, which detect player body movement and translate into game inputs.

Game sign png.png

Games Supporting

The following games are tested with STEAM-GUN and played in STEAM DECK (Window OS)

Starwars BF2 icon.png
Black squad icon.png
Rainbow six.png
BF 5 icon.png
BF 4 icon.png
Team Fortress 2 icon.png
Left 4 Dead 2 icon.png
Zombie army 4 icon.png
BF 2042 icon.png
COD MW2.jpg
Boardland 3.jfif
back 4 blood.jfif

There are much more game supported, just we can not test so many.



10 Hour Battery Life

High quality rechargable lithium battery. Rechargable with Type-C port.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Just connect STEAN DECK via bluetooth

Advanced Motion sensing system

We have a spacial algorithm to make device to reponse more user-friendly.


Updatable for free

The hardware program can be updated through wifi (OTA). We will long term support for further development with the industries.

Strong hold

Setting up

Special motion set

mouse setting.png

Remind to set the mouse sensitivity to match with Steam-Gun
(below are the example of Star Wars battlefront 2)

Let's play

It's ready, are you?

Get Your STEAM-GUN Today

World wide delivery, from Hong Kong

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